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An anti-mosquito app that is also useful for skin irritations. It operates without the use of substances, frequencies, or electromagnetic fields, and it is odorless. It provides an immediate effect and is easy to use. No refill, no recharge! With your cell phone always ready to use!

generic information about the product

No Mosquito-App, how does it work?

The shield is equipped with a code that can only be activated by an authorized user. This code contains information that connects with your consciousness. The content of this information modulates your physical condition in such a way that insects are repelled. For example, it can alter the skin temperature, sweating, and odor in a manner that discourages insects from biting or stinging. In the case of an existing bite, all necessary measures are activated to soothe and regenerate the skin. This way, you can remain as complaint-free as possible, feel good, and protected.


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The shield is a individual designed digital picture. So you can get it as digital information to print it or to memorize it on an electronic device as for example on your mobile phone.  

Authorization and activation

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The use of the application requires authorization from QIMB. Authorization is granted upon successful completion of the payment process in the shop. Authorization can be transferred to one other person, thereby expiring for the original buyer. The activation of the function can only be performed by the authorized person and is done through a conscious perceptual contact combined with three breaths. Copying, reproducing, or lending the application renders it non-functional for unauthorized individuals. Purchasing from sources other than also results in its non-functionality. The right to use and the application itself are protected and ensured through QIMB's quantum modulation technology. 

further information

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Within 2 days, you will receive the "NO Mosquitos" Shield as a photo via email. Save the photo on your mobile phone (in the Photo Gallery, Favorites, Screenshots, etc.). When you want to apply the Shield, simply open the photo. Then follow the instructions that were provided in the same email (simple application, takes up to 1 minute).

The app is immediately active and remains effective for a limited time (comparable to a spray). It can be reactivated without any limitations or expiration dates! It is not transferable to other individuals and has no effect on unauthorized persons. The application is free of any unwanted side effects!

Important: The app does not replace medical advice or medication! It supports your well-being